How do I know if my AS is adequately treated?

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  • Event Info:  Online Talk
  • When:  09/12/2020
  • Time:  8:30 pm
  • Duration of Event:  40mins

Recommended Audience: Anyone who suffers from AS or wishes to learn more about AS.
Venue: Online interactive workshop via Zoom (Zoom log in details will be sent to you upon registration for this event)
Speakers: Dr Lui Nai Lee
Cost: FREE

Time Programme
8:30pm Talk by Dr Lui: How do I know if my AS is adequately treated?
8:55pm Q & A
9:10pm Goodnight

Synopsis :
Most patients rely on their symptoms to determine if their disease is under control. Whilst this may be correct most of the time, there is a possibility that the disease is either silently progressing or causing other issues. In this talk, Dr Lui Nai Lee will share with you how a Rheumatologist assesses if your AS is under control.

About the speaker :
Dr Lui Nai Lee is a rheumatologist practising at Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore. He specialises in autoimmune and rheumatological conditions.

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