Kim Katre

Kim is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. A former lawyer and mother of twins, Kim knows the stresses associated with finding time for physical and mental well-being. Originally from the United Kingdom, Kim embraces physical challenges and has enjoyed performing in dance shows in London and in Singapore over the years.

A skiing injury to her knee and the reconstructive surgery that followed allowed her to truly understand what it means to be kind to your body whilst still pushing yourself to reach your full potential. Kim can usually be spotted from a crowd with her red hair and big smile. Her favourite part about teaching yoga is seeing the calmness of students at the end of a class.

Josie Wang

Josie is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. With her cheerful disposition, Josie brings to the mat her smiles to brighten up the day of those she meets. She is an attentive yoga teacher who hopes to share the yoga practice to beyond that on the mat. Josie believes that yoga is meant for all, and especially so for those who claim they “cannot touch their toes”.

With a gentle hand in her assists, her classes reach out to those trying yoga for the first time, and yet has enough variations for those with regular practice.  When she tried Yoga for the first time through a coupon site, the gentleness of the class that still gave her a good workout and left her feeling fresh and awake got her hooked into a regular practice.

Lina Dewa

A self confessed fitness buff for most of her adult life, Lina had been a regular gym-goer, swimmer and competing in local triathlons. She began her yoga journey in 2007 with Bikram Yoga and found that the discipline of yoga spoke to her. Lina started looking at other types of yoga styles and is currently enjoying the Hatha and Vinyasa styles of practice.

Lina is deeply committed to and has had a consistent daily practice for the past 12 years. However, she believes in having balance in life, both on and off the mat.

While she prefers a strong practice, her style of teaching is nurturing yet challenging.

Smriti Suri

An accountant by profession, Smriti started her yoga journey in 2013 with the simple intention to explore yoga, which was practised by her family members for many years in India.

Continuous years of practise in the corporate world brought with it the perils of stress and sedentary life style resulting in poor health. However, with regular practise of yoga, she saw her body and mind transform positively in more ways than one. It is this personal experience that encouraged her to pursue her teacher training in November 2018 so as to share the gift of yoga with others in ways that is meaningful and has an impact on their lives.

Smriti brings compassion, humour and encouragement in her teaching. She enriches her students experience of yoga by combining mindfulness, breathwork, meditation and alignment in her classes.

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